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Office of President

Schedule and conduct monthly meetings, offer leadership with the club officers and display a positive and friendly attitude in and about the running community. Represent the club as required.


Mike Procopio

It's an honor to be nominated for President of the best running club in NJ. Since I joined in 2008 I've been very active in JSRC events, and have enjoyed taking on increasing responsibilities to improve our experience and our standing in the community.

The events I've run (Coordinator of our annual Adopt-a-Family program, five years; Coordinator/Manager of club volunteers for the Monmouth-Ocean County Special Olympics Track Meet, four years; and Race Director for our Trick or Trot 5K, two years) have been both fun and successful. We've had lots of positive feedback, and every year I take away new ideas for ways to improve these events further. I've also served on the board as Club Volunteer Coordinator since 2011, and am an RRCA Certified Running Coach.

Because I started with the club as a volunteer, I feel it's important we continue to find ways to get members more involved. To that end, I will work with the board to enhance incentives for volunteers and for race directors. I'd also like to implement a Mentor program for new members, pairing them with current members. The goal is to help new members get to know people, and lead to improved member retention.

Other initiatives for 2015 and beyond include:

  • Preserving and improving our local races
  • Revisiting funding for scholarships for children of active JSRC members
  • Increasing the camaraderie of club members through more social activities and bringing back the JSRC "Away Team"

I'm open-minded, accessible, and a good listener—always happy to hear a better approach to solve a problem. The JSRC means a lot to me, and it would be a privilege to serve you in an even greater capacity.

Thank you for your consideration.

Office of Vice-President

Assist the President, act in his/her behalf when not present, and keep after all expressions of condolences from the club.


Robert Galizio

I would like to thank those who nominated me for Vice President of the JSRC. I definitely consider it an honor and a privilege to run for the office. For those of you who do not know me, I have been a member of the club for approximately 15 years, but due to family and professional obligations I did not become a more active member until about 5 years ago. It was at that time that I joined the club's Winter half marathon training class (2010) and met a number of fantastic club members who were coaching the class. They encouraged all the trainees to join the club's Thursday night group run in Belmar so I took them up on their offer and have been a regular fixture there ever since. Through the training class, the Thursday runs and local races, I became even more connected to the club & its members.

Since then, I have given back to the club by being one of the coaches for the same half class that spurred my love of long distance running. I've also volunteered at countless JSRC races - usually with post-race clean up or the kid's races - but most notably as a runner escort for the semi-annual Train Run since 2010. Additionally, since 2013 I have been an active member of the RunAPalooza race committee. I have also, individually and with my law firm, sponsored The Belmar Five, Asbury Park 5K and Trick or Trot for the last two to three years. In the end, for me it's all about giving back.

I am honored and proud to be a member of the JSRC and look forward to being an active part of the club for many years to come. It would be my privilege to serve this club as its Vice-President. Thank you!

Office of Treasurer

Responsible for all Club finances; reconciles checkbooks, provides information for a timely and correct tax filing and ensures all monies are truly accounted for.

Mindy Brady

Mindy has held this office since 2008.

Office of Recording Secretary

Records monthly meetings as well as facilitating the day-to-day flow of information.

Joe Freeman

Joe has been on the RunAPalooza Race committee, race director for the Lighthouse 5K and is active with the Eatontown Lions Club.

Volunteer Coordinator

Recruit new volunteers, track volunteer attendance and bring recognition to JSRC volunteers.

Tina Duda


Logistics Coordinator

Receives and coordinates all club correspondence, cares for club equipment and supplies.

Phil Hinck

A founding JSRC member, Phil has held this office since its inception several years ago. Phil has also served as President, Vice President and Race director for numerous races.

Membership Coordinator

Maintains membership database, processes membership applications (online and mail-in) formulating tactful and tasteful overdue membership dues reminder letters. Coordinate and organize recruiting efforts.

Charlotte Griggs


Website Coordinator

Participates as a member of the Board of Directors; attends monthly Board meetings and special meetings as scheduled. Develops and edits content as Webmaster.

Penny Hinck

Penny has served in many of the various club officer positions, most recently as Membership Coordinator. In addition to working on several race committees, she serves as Race Director for Saturday in the Park.

Newsletter Editor

Participates as a member of the Board of Directors; attends monthly Board meetings and special meetings as scheduled. Publishes and distributes the Club’s monthly newsletter in a timely fashion.

Barbara Hay

With the exception of 2008, Barbara has served as Newsletter Editor of Footnotes since 2004. Prior to the creation of the Volunteer Coordinatior position, she served as unofficial JSRC Volunteer Coordinator from 2000-2004 and has been RunAPalooza Volunteer Coordinator since 2003. She has actively participated on the Jersey Shore Grand Prix of Races, Saturday in the Park, and various other race committees over since joining JSRC in 2001. In fact many of you wear her t-shirt designs.

Social Media Officer

Participates as a member of the Board of Directors; attends monthly Board meetings and special meetings as scheduled. The Social Media Officer is an elected position. This officer will be entrusted with maintaining the JSRC's official social media presence.

Carly DePolo



Participates as a member of the Board of Directors; attends monthly Board meetings and special meetings as scheduled. Act as liaison between the general membership and Club Officers.


Jack Cheer


Lydia Breckenridge